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Money Exchange Venezuela

Article from 2015 is no longer up-to-date!

Since a while the US Dollar has become a common currency in the whole country. Be sure to bring small bills as there is very often a lack of change. (October 6, 2023)

Since January 2008, the Bolivar Fuerte is the official currency in Venezuela.

In Venezuela, the exchange rate is fixed for several years and the foreign exchange trading is controlled by the state. As a result, has developed parallel the illegal black market rate.

Währung Bolívares

Since February 2015, there is a new official exchange rate Simadi, which is considerably higher, however, still lower than the black market rate.

At the moment there are 3 official exchange rates and the illegal black market rate. Important to tourists, however, are only the last two courses.

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Welcome to Aventura Tours Venezuela

Besides the services offered, I will report on this site about the different regions of Venezuela. I want to create a Venezuela Travel Guide, but not in the conventional sense, but also with many suggestions and tips so you can plan and organize better your holidays in Venezuela.

Chinak Meru - Salto Aponwao
Chinak Meru – Salto Aponwao

I also want those who do not know yet where they want to spend the holidays or are still undecided whether or not Venezuela, convince that it is definitely worth to visit this country.

But best I present myself first.

My name is Gerhard Maecht and live since 15 years in the south of Venezuela in the Gran Sabana. First I had a little restaurant in Santa Elena de Uairén, Café Goldrausch. But unfortunately a pub takes a lot of time and you do not see much of the beautiful nature of this area. That’s why I’m working now for 10 years as a tour guide and driver. I also organize tours and services all over Venezuela.

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