Yanomami Expedition

Expedition Yanomami – Maroa – Casiquiare

1st Day: We meet at 9:00 am and travel 60 miles to Port Samariapo to start navigation on a metal bongo of 14 meters. We proceed through the magnificent Orinoco River to San Fernando de Atabapo, a town on the banks of the river with the same name who flourished early in the century with the “boom” of rubber and balata.

2nd Day: In the morning we continue along the Orinoco and pass through the rapids of Santa Barbara, recognized for its labyrinths among the 75 islands. We continue to find the mouth of Ventuari River, one of the affluents of the Orinoco, and arrive at an indigenous community front of the Yapacana National Park, where we spend the night.

3rd Day: We navigate up the Orinoco River to the indigenous community of Lau Lau. Here we will hike through the jungle.

4th Day: We take Cunucunuma River, Yecuana Indian region and tepuis, and go up to the community of Bethlehem de Culebra, to share with his people front of the Duida-Tepui.

5th Day: We ascend the Cunucunuma river to the indigenous community in front of the Wachamacari Tepui. We return to the community of Belén de Culebra for overnight stay.

6th Day: We descend the Cunucunuma and say goodbye to the tepuis to reach the Caño Tama Tama, an indigenous Piaroa community with missionary influence.

7th Day: Finally we reach the Cassiquiare River! We stop on its beaches for a swim, have lunch and see the large slabs of petroglyphs that are there; yes, if the river allows us. Afterwards we are going to the Coramoni area for piranha fishing and to eat it. We sleep on the beach.

8th Day: After breakfast we follow the Cassiquiare to enter the Pasiva lagoon, the largest in this area; beautiful and rich in fishing. We sleep on its shores.

9th Day: We continue the descent down the Cassiquiare and we go to the Yanomami indigenous community in Cavaroa, the most ancestral ethnic area. We stay to share with the Yanomami.
10th Day: We dedicate this day to ascend the Siapa River to reach indigenous Yanomami communities.

11th Day: We accompany the Yanomami in the yopo ritual and visit their conucos (plantage).

12th Day: We give the gifts and charity to the Yanomami community. We leave to the Cassiquiare River and sleep in the indigenous community Curripaca. Here we change the Bongo for the flyer (aluminum boat), which is much faster, and so we begin a new stage of the tour.

13th Day: We pass through the natural monument Stone of Curimacare and we reach the union of the rivers Cassiquiare and Guainía. This union forms the Rio Negro (Black River), which connects us with Brazil. We ascend the Guainia River to Maroa, a multiethnic village and capital of the municipality with the same name.

14th Day: Land transfer of the boat and equipment to Yavita, a distance of 30 kilometers. We sleep in a community in the Temi River.

15th Day: We descend the Temi and Atabapo River to reach Samariapo.

16th Day: Reserved if needed during the trip.

* On this tour is not necessary to fly. It is a river journey, round trip.

Price per Person:  US$

Minimum number: 4 persons

experienced English speaking tour guide
Excursions according to the description
All meals during the expedition
Overnight stay in hammock with mosquito net
Recommended Equipment:
light clothing
good walking shoes
swim wear
rain coat
sun hat
sun Protection
mosquito repellent
head flashlight
pocket knife
gifts for the Yanomami

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