Welcome to Aventura Tours Venezuela

Besides the services offered, I will report on this site about the different regions of Venezuela. I want to create a Venezuela Travel Guide, but not in the conventional sense, but also with many suggestions and tips so you can plan and organize better your holidays in Venezuela.

Chinak Meru - Salto Aponwao
Chinak Meru – Salto Aponwao

I also want those who do not know yet where they want to spend the holidays or are still undecided whether or not Venezuela, convince that it is definitely worth to visit this country.

But best I present myself first.

My name is Gerhard Maecht and live since 15 years in the south of Venezuela in the Gran Sabana. First I had a little restaurant in Santa Elena de Uairén, Café Goldrausch. But unfortunately a pub takes a lot of time and you do not see much of the beautiful nature of this area. That’s why I’m working now for 10 years as a tour guide and driver. I also organize tours and services all over Venezuela.

Puerta del Cielo - Agua Fría
Puerta del Cielo – Agua Fría

Before I’m got stuck here in 2000, so to speak, I’ve seen a lot of Venezuela. My first trip to Venezuela I made in 1991, after which it made me coming back again and again. In Venezuela you can see a lot of different things. Beautiful Caribbean beaches in the north, the Andes in the west, the Orinoco Delta in the east, the Amazon region in the southwest, the plateau of the Gran Sabana with its table mountains in the southeast and much more.

If you are planning holidays in an unknown country, there are many questions.

  • What are the most attractive and interesting places for me?
  • How do I plan my route?
  • What kind of of transportation exist?
  • How much money will I need approximately, I take cash, check or credit card?
  • What is the best time to travel?

These and many more information I want to give in Venezuela Tour Guide and report about many beautiful and exciting locations and tours.